Hi! Welcome to Al Biegel's web site.  
Please take some time to peruse the various paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, or mixtures of each media.  The site includes photos of many of my original works as well as giclee paintings. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.  As a general rule an giclee copy would cost approximately 1/3rd of the original art work.  After more than four decades of painting experience, I am using this web site as the means to reach out to a broader audience.  Having traveled worldwide, I have used many of my favorite photo subjects to produce hundreds of landscapes, seascapes, and still life paintings.  Many of these have been displayed at various exhibitions and art galleries in the US and Germany during several overseas tours of duty.  

Please scroll through my gallery to determine whether any of these paintings would meet your desires or interests. Moreover, if you would prefer, I would encourage the submission of your own digital photo(s) highlighting your favorite subject matter. Using creative vision, and imagination, I would welcome the challenge and opportunity to replicate and transform your selection into a painting using the most suitable art media.  

  • As a preliminary step, you are welcome  to e-mail (biegela@aol.com) a digital photo of your house, garden, portrait of your family  member, or pet, etc.  
  • We would then discuss and agree on the  size, color, scope, and the estimated cost of the art project.   
  • Additionally, based on your  preferences we could discuss whether the painting should be framed, or left  unframed for your later determination.   

 I would be pleased to respond to any of your questions on the full scope and estimated costs of a potential painting.  My clear objective is to meet your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction.

A  Giclee in watercolor, acrylic, oil, or multimedia will generally be approximately one third of the cost of the original painting. For example comparative prices of giclees with the original paintings would depend on size and the additional cost of framing.  

The table below highlights the approximate cost structure: 

        Size            Giclee          Original Painting (any media)                Frame     
10X14            $300                            $700-$900                                Extra Cost
        16X20            $500                            $1300-$1500                            Extra Cost
        18X24            $700                            $1800-$2100                            Extra Cost
        20x24            $900                            $2500-$2700                            Extra Cost 

Note: Cost of larger sizes to be negotiated.